Freight Tos

The following contains the general terms and conditions of contract under which Box Parcel Service LLC (BOXPS/BPS)’s Freight Services are provided.


These Terms are effective on the date set forth above, and are subject to change without prior notice. The most current version of the Terms is published on the BoxPS web site at [ ]. In tendering the shipment for delivery, the Customer, Shipper and/or Consignee (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Customer”) agrees that the version of these Terms in force at the time of presentation of the shipment for carriage will apply to the shipment and its carriage.


Any individual or entity acting on behalf of the Customer in scheduling shipments hereunder warrants that it has the right to act on behalf of the Customer and the right to legally bind Customer. These Terms shall apply to all shipments scheduled by Customer, unless and until these Terms are altered or amended by the Company. Customer also agrees to these Terms on behalf of any third party with an interest in the freight.


Special Sensitive Goods

  1. Fragile products, high value products, anti-duty/dumping products, oversized items, overweight items.
  2. Concealing the true status of the goods (especially sensitive goods): If discovered by our origin warehouse, the exporter of the goods will be fined 3,000RMB for the first occurrence, 8,000RMB for the second occurrence, and 20,000RMB for the third occurrence and thereafter. If discovered by customs, airlines or other agencies, our company will impose twice the original fined amount onto the exporter. For other risks and problems caused by this behavior, our company reserves the right to pursue litigation. All costs incurred during the litigation process will be borne by the cargo exporter.
  3. For example: toys, children’s or baby products (This is just an example but not limited to the above three products), these goods are considered Sensitive goods. We need to complete export information and pre-review* by our operations department before the goods can be exported from China.

*Pre-review: A review of basic information such as the name of the report material, product name and product descriptions, etc. We do not make any claim that the information provided and submitted will be accepted by requested authorities.

  1. In the case of incomplete export information, all consequences arising from the transportation of such goods shall be borne by the customer if shipment is to be processed for export. Customer accepts all risk and consequences upon time of goods pick up.
  2. If the information submitted by the customer is incorrect (or the supplementary information is delayed), any costs incurred due to delays shall be borne by the customer.
  3. Inspection fee: When the goods are inspected in the destination country, expenses may be incurred, which need to be paid by the customer. The expenses are calculated based on actual expenses incurred.


Fragile Goods

Before the goods are dispatched, please ask your packaging factory to properly pack your goods, and put fragile markings or other precautionary labels on packaging and outer cartons. We will not provide additional packaging and testing services for this type of product.

We are not responsible for damages caused by improper packing during transit under any circumstances.


Prohibited Goods

Our company does not accept the shipping of liquids, powders, pure batteries, guns and ammunition, flammable and explosive, or food products.

Note: Please confirm whether the goods can be transported prior to the goods arriving at our origin warehouses to avoid the return or delay of goods. Any return or delay costs caused by sending the goods to our warehouse without prior confirmation shall be borne by the customer.



Accepted remittances include CNY yuan, USD dollars, GBP pounds, EUR Euros, and CAD dollars. For the most updated remittance details, refer to:

If full payment has not been received, our company reserve the right to detain the goods at any time. The customer shall bear any additional overseas/domestic transit or warehousing costs due to the delay in payment. All funds must have cleared before any goods can be processed and shipped.

Our company will update the payment invoice every Friday after shipment is detained. The foreign exchange rate is calculated according to the exchange rate provided at time of invoice.


Shipping Times

Any shipping, transit, or processing times for shipments and cargo are estimated times and only for reference based on our transportation experience and historical shipments under standard shipment environments.

Shipments not delivered within date/time specified on the bill of lading may not be considered a service failure when the reason for the delivery delay is deemed as no fault of our company. These reasons could include, but are not limited to, the following conditions: acts of God; the existence of violence, riots, military action or such possible disturbance as creating reasonable apprehension of danger; labor disruptions; acts or omissions by shipper, consignee, owner of goods or public authority; delays due to customs clearance or documentation required for movement of shipment; closure of federal, state, city or local roads, streets, or highways resulting in travel delays by carrier; shipments not accepted by the consignee when offered for delivery.


International Express Delivery

International Express: From China mainland/Hongkong and Macao directly to the destination country.

  1. After full payment is received, delivery of goods will be arranged.
  2. DDU: Any customs duties, customs inspection charges and all other charges that may be incurred at the destination country shall be borne by the customer.
  3. Our company has the right to request up to 30% of the declared export value, payable in advance, as the tax deposit. When the tax receipt is received, any excess payment shall be refunded and any remaining balance shall be requested for payment.
  4. If the customer thinks the tax is incorrect or refuses to pay, the customer should inform us to abandon/return the goods within 3 working days after receiving the tax receipt.
  5. The customer must pay all taxes, duties, or inspection charges incurred regardless of if the customer chooses to abandon* or return** the goods. *Abandoned goods: Abandoning/Destruction costs may be incurred at the destination country.

** Returned goods: Returning goods to the place of origin (Mainland China/Hong Kong and Macau) will incur a shipping cost ranging from 2-5 times multiple of the original shipping cost. *** All the above situations will be based on actual costs incurred.


Truck Delivery

  1. POD’s are usually made available within 3-10 working days after the delivery is completed (this time is for reference only and is usually longer than Express delivery).
  2. In special circumstances (during epidemics, strikes, curfews, port blockages, riots, holidays, natural disasters and other force majeure), the target timeframe for an available POD will be an estimated 4 weeks (this time is for reference only).



In the process of multimodal transportation, if customers purchase our insurance, the insurance company only covers transportation insurance from port to port.


Carton Replacement

  1. If the original carton has been damaged due to special circumstances, upon obtaining customer’s consent, we will provide free carton replacement services. But we will be not responsible for unaccounted or loss of products after repacking.
  2. The billable-weight and size are subject to the actual cartons after the repackaging.
  3. Any cargo delivery fees, container change fees, operational & handling & labeling fees, etc will be borne by the customer if the customer does not accept the updated billable-weight and size after cartons are replaced.


Cargo Delivery

Redelivery: Our company will not compensate for any costs due to delays at/by the booking or scheduling of the shipment to consignee or warehouse destinations, nor any costs incurred in subsequent re-delivery by any parties.

Lost/missing Items: There are two situations in which customers, Amazon, third-party warehouse, residential or commercial address or other address, receive the goods and the quantity of goods received does not match the packing list. Missing item scenarios and actions:

  1. A few single pieces: No compensation is provided.
  2. 1 or more cartons: When the official website of final leg (ex: UPS/trucking/other) delivery company show that all cargo has been delivered through a POD/signature of signing accounting for the correct number of cartons, no compensation will be provided for any actual shortage of goods. If goods are deemed to be lost, check Compensation section for compensation policy.

A POD request must be made within 30 days from the carrier’s stated delivered date. A POD request will no longer be possible after 30 days. While we do our best to obtain the POD’s in a timely fashion, we do not guarantee timeframe for obtaining the POD. In rare cases, a fee may be charged to retrieve the POD. Fees range from $15-$20.


Domestic Warehouse – China

If the customer has stopped any and all correspondence with our company for more than 90 days, the goods will considered as abandoned goods, and we reserve the right to process the goods for disposal and pursue litigation for any expenses incurred during this period of abandonment and expenses for disposal.

Loss of goods in domestic warehouses: Please see Compensation section.


Overseas Warehouse – Non China

  1. Standard Delivery to Door: Process: Shipment and goods will be delivered direct to destination door address. Due to warehouse over capacity, and/or destination address delivery timeslot unavailability, delays may be expected. No compensation of any form will be provided to customer as a result of such cases. Customers may be liable for any costs incurred as a result of attempted but rejected delivery.
  2. Carrier pickup*: the customer arranges final leg delivery of the goods from our overseas warehouse to final destination address by express delivery or truck pick up. Process: Notify our company, our company arranges the goods at the overseas warehouse, cargo prep and labeling, confirmation of pickup time & info, and customer pickup.
  3. Self pickup*: Customers pick up the goods from our overseas warehouse by themselves : Process: Notify our company of intent to pick up the goods, a bill of lading will be provided to the customer, pickup schedule and info is provided, customer to provide the driver and vehicle information, and the customer picks up the goods.

*If the above pickups procedures are not followed, any and all expenses and costs incurred will be borne by the customer. If the warehouse is over capacity, there may be delays in scheduling a self pickup. It may take from 3-90 calendar days to schedule, from the time when we receive your self pickup request.

Loss of goods in overseas warehouses: Please see Compensation section.


Overseas Warehouse Labeling

Our company has the right to refuse to provide labeling service of multiple SKUs (more than 1 SKU) after goods arrive at our overseas warehouses. We have the right to refuse to provide labeling service at any time.


Change of Destination Address

  1. We will try our best to assist customers in making address changes, but we do not guarantee that the changes can be made successfully.
  2. We will charge a processing fee ranging from USD$300-500 for the customer’s request, regardless of if the change request is successful or not.
  3. An additional freight fee may be charged at the actual rate given the updated address.
  4. The time for the change of address request is estimated to take 3-10 working days (this time is for reference only and depends on availability of warehouse).


Escalations & Compensation

Amazon destination address:
Customers are requested to submit an escalations and claims request to our company within 30 working days from when the goods were picked up by carrier. Claims will not be accepted after this time.

Non-Amazon address:
No escalations or claims requests will be accepted after 30 working days from when the
goods were picked up by carrier according to carriers pickup date.

No compensation is provided for the loss or damage caused by & under the following circumstances:

  1. Customs inspection, seizure under legal process, any other acts or omissions of any customs office, governmental bodies or other regulatory agencies, and any observance by the Company of rules and regulations and decisions and orders issued by customs, governmental bodies and regulatory agencies.
  2. When due to acts of god, government policies, labor disruptions, port blockages, riots, holidays, natural disasters and other force majeure occur.
  3. Loss or damage caused by the intentional act or negligence of the manufacturer or the customer.
  4. Loss or damage due to poor quality or missing goods incurred prior to payment for shipment of goods.
  5. Under no circumstances shall our company be liable for loss of merchantability or any special, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, damages arising from delayed delivery or failure to attempt delivery in accordance with our service, loss of profits or loss of income, whether or not our company had knowledge that such damages might be incurred. Our company shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever for delayed delivery, except as specifically provided for shipments.
  6. Fraud by the Customer or the owner of the goods or the servants or agents of either.
  7. Any special handling requirements in respect of the goods which have not been notified to our company.


Our company will strictly control the intentional declaration of low value goods. If the goods are detained or fined or destroyed due to low value declaration, or if the proper product certification or reports can not be provided in accordance to export/import requirements, the customer must bear all responsibility and all costs incurred as a result.


Cancellation of Services

If the customer requests to return the goods or shipment for any reason after picked up at origin and/or the goods arrive at our warehouse: Any delivery fee, storage fee, warehouse fee, reconditioning fee and other operational expenses for the goods are payable and liable by the customer. The goods will be released upon full payment of billable fees (not limited to the above mentioned fees).


Severability; Controlling Law

If one or more provisions of these Terms shall be held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision(s) shall be enforced to the maximum extent possible, and the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected or impaired thereby.

Except where law or treaty mandate governing law, these Terms, and the performance, rights and obligations of the parties under these Terms, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of Delaware, USA.


Please read all quotes, invoices, terms and conditions carefully before shipping. When agreeing to the quotation, it is deemed to agree to these terms, and final interpretation rights belongs to our company. If any company member promises content that is inconsistent with the above content, all above company terms and conditions shall prevail.


The default currency, unless indicated: RMB