About Us


BoxPS is a comprehensive service provider for global Ecommerce & Digital Retailers, with company offices in Canada, China and the USA.


Forget traditional multi node distribution and courier services – experience speeds and efficiencies never before felt for your US Ground Parcel services delivering straight to Amazon Warehouse destinations across the United States.


Unmatched ability to service modern day sellers, with modern day transportation chains and systems in place ready to deliver on every parcel and shipment – without delays and package loss.

Dedicated Full Service Amazon Seller FBA Parcel and Freight Courier

As a pending Global provider in Amazon’s Solutions Provider Network, we go above and beyond ordinary freight couriers in: channel knowledge, regulations, freight responsibility, and rigid service quality.


We offer International shipping via Express, air, and ocean with door-to-door and door-to-port and duties & customs clearance, from China – specializing into North America and EU, UK destinations. As Amazon Seller logistics experts, we understand fully the constrains, processes to get freight into FBA warehouses around the world.


For exporting from China, we also offer sourcing consultation, quality check, and prep services for customers who need help purchasing within China, and shipment prepping. We also act as customer’s overseas warehouses to store, repack and consolidate packages.